How Affiliate Marketing Works
Affiliate Partnerships
How affiliate marketing works

Successful Affiliate Marketing hinges on the partnerships forged between advertisers and affiliates.  eAZe Media have extensive contacts across sectors and a huge understanding of the affiliate community, we are fully equipped to advise on your long-term approach.

ROI (Return on Investment) is key!

The development of the affiliate marketing channel has been remarkable over the past 10 years with the world's largest brands leading the way across a variety of sectors unlocking the power of cost per acquisition partners online, this isn’t just a channel for the world’s leading brands, this is a performance channel open to every company who has a product or service to sell – it’s a perfect step into online marketing for even the smallest SME & offers a level playing field of which to attract those important customers.

eAZe Media help our clients (large & small) understand and maximise the value of the affiliate channel as a marketing tool to increase conversions online. Affiliate partners present an amazing opportunity to develop your own online sales force driving qualified traffic to your website, then paying only when conversions happen.

Our affiliate management expertise will help your brand approach the affiliate channel with all of the correct tools to leverage volume in an affordable and scalable way.
A consideration before and during the launch of an affiliate programme is affordability, eAZe Media will help you develop a detailed understanding of where, what and how your affiliates will produce traffic, we will also undertake an affiliate audit which will enable you to see where you sit alongside you competition. This enables your business to be safe in the knowledge that your brand is represented correctly online and helps us optimise your affiliates.

Our knowledge of the affiliate sector, network & affiliate relationships helps us provide affordable affiliate programme management and consultancy to our clients. With the experience of launching a wide range of affiliate programmes to marketplace – ranging from the largest network based retail, travel & finance programmes through to closed network invitation only programmes we can advise your business on exactly the right combination to leverage the appropriate affiliate opportunity.

If you are considering an affiliate programme for your business or already have an existing one which you would like to develop further contact us today for a free affiliate programme audit and to discuss taking it to the next level.


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